How to pick Hip Guides

Choosing the Right Hip Guide: 

In addition to choice of 4 lengths of 3 1/2" GEL pads, Sta-Rite Multi-Axis Adjustable Hip Guides come in 3 types so any client can be properly fitted.

* The most significant advantage of the Standard 6 Axis Adjustable Hip Guide vs. the other 2 is it can be positioned outside and over the hardware so the patient can avoid being squeezed or forced to buy a new, wider chair. 

The Standard 6 Axis Adjustable & Bariatric pads have track that allows them to be moved back and forth and to accommodate more complex client needs. The Economy version does not have a Track.  To change the position of the Economy guide, it needs to be mounted in a different place along the length of the chair side. This is not always possible.

Aluminum cones are used for positioning in and out, and are infinitely adjustable - there are no fixed positions. The interlocking steel crowns** on the Bariatric version adjust to fixed positions on the crowns. All the Sta-Rite Hip Guides can be easily adjusted up and down. Once in place, the locking set clamp makes easy to return to the desired position.

The pads on Sta-Rite Hip Guides can be angled if desired.  The Guides with Tracks can also be positioned - forward or rearward along the leg.  When forward, they can act as a Knee Button as well.

Or choose Hardware only and use any pad.

Choosing the Right Sta-Rite Hip Guide:  

Sta-Rite Hip Guide codes: SRMHxyy

Where x =

G for 6 Axis Adjustable Guide
E for Economy
B for Bariatric

Where Pad length yy =

10 for 10"
12 for 12"
14 for 14"
16 for 16"