4 Point Pelvic Belt w Large Pads, 1.5" Buckle - Each - L4PLE

4 Point Pelvic Belt w Large Pads, 1.5" Buckle - Each - L4PLE
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Price: $125.00
Product ID : L4PLE
Manufacturer: Limit-Less™
Weight: 2.00 lbs
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This Limit-Less™ 4 Point Pelvic Belt has 1.5” buckles and MAGNETIC self-engaging buckles. It has Large pads and the size is Standard. It comes with a 1” quick release ring. Just getting the 2 sides near each other will lead to ‘reclosure’.

Whether in a wheelchair, shower chair, or on the toilet, no one wants to feel insecure, unstable, or unsafe. On the other hand, being restrained in a way that is not possible to self-release doesn’t feel good either and can violate restraint rules.

Our new Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self-engaging buckles for belts and harnesses makes it easier for users to self-release thereby staying on the right side of the anti-restraint requirements while providing safety, stability and support. By using the colored ring on the buckle, the user can release the belt or harness. Just ‘slip a finger into the ring’. Pull lightly away from the body at around 90 ° and the buckle releases.

Made of metal and hard to break, they offer new options to clients who were previously Limited! Limit-Less™ products follow the industry standard sizing set by Body Point.

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