CUSTOM wheelchair ARM Troughs in a flash

CUSTOM wheelchair ARM Troughs in a flash from just 5 simple modules

First and foremost - GEL offers wheelchair Protection & Comfort... exactly where needed - and only where wanted.

A huge improvement over having only 3 wheelchair arm troughs sizes and only with polyurethane and covers that crack and break !  These ALSO have GEL and soft covers.  Comfort at last.

Easy to assemble and custom fit to client without drilling.

Easy to get exactly the combination YOUR wheelchair client needs. More than 1,000 combinations BEFORE considering that trough sides can be positioned variously along the side of the wheelchair arm PLUS the option to connect the pads at an angle to the wheelchair. Need even More options? Use LaBac® style polyurethane wheelchair Centers or LaBac® style Hand pad with or without Mouse pad.

In confidence, tell your wheelchair client 'Have it Your Way' and then create it simply & easily. That's the beauty of modular GEL wheelchair parts.

                   click→ How to configure modular troughs  

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