New Product Evolution

Dan Ganoza at the San Francisco VA, came to us with an ALS client who couldn’t keep his head in an upright position for more than short periods and life was harder than it had to be for him and his family caregivers.

Working together and making multiple iterations, the final product, The StaRite™ Adjustable Forehead Stabilizer (SRAFS) provided the right combination of support and comfort.

The first time out, the client was able to be up in his power chair for over 6 hours.
Dan wrote up the whole process to get to this success in VA Therapist newsletter. 

Click: Fitting an actual ALS patient

From the first client – who was able to attend a benefit in his honor given by the San Francisco Giants that would have been impossible without it – to the responses we hear from the ATP’s who try it with their clients, this product is a life changer for people who have lost the neck strength to maintain a neutral head position.

Think through your current list of clients with ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, or any of the other diseases that can create the ‘head on the chest’ problem and let us show you the changes we can make in their lives…and yours.

We have adapters to allow fitting it to 0.75” (small Stealth) and to 1” round ball head rest hardware as well as a few others.

Every 10 years we seem to come up with a product that people get so excited about because it solves a problem for them they just haven’t been able to solve. Seems like we have one of those again.

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