Open sores, redness, pressure/decubitus ulcers?

What's  the  big  deal  about  Dimensional GEL ?

GEL Pads address all 4 sources of discomfort: pressure, heat, moisture, and shearing friction. They reduce pressure problems and pressure ulcers.

Dimensional GEL are the Very Best pads & made by Gel Ovations  They are made
a special medical grade silicone that mimics human fatty tissue -  they are extremely soft to the touch and maintain the same softness in a cold Canadian winter or a hot Texas summer.
These pads are among the best available at distributing pressure from bony protuberances.  They reduce the 'pressure per square inch' by distributing a point pressure over a wide area.  

Dimensional GEL
  Pads have a unique shape.  The top of each pad has mini-pads - separated by open channels.   When pressure is applied, the silicone gel moves into the open spaces and this prevents 'pressure hardening' that can occur in a solid flat GEL pad.  These pads are only ½" thick and provide the maximum pressure reduction in a thin pad.

The Dimensional
  Pads shape offers significant other advantages.  Heat and moisture can be 'channeled away'.   By flowing with the moving body, they reduce the friction and shearing from normal moving.