Sta-Rite Raised Toilet Seat & Dimensional GEL Pad - EACH - SRRTG

Sta-Rite Raised Toilet Seat & Dimensional GEL Pad - EACH - SRRTG
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Price: $695.00
Product ID : SRRTG
Manufacturer: Sta-Rite
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TO ORDER WITHOUT the DISCOUNTED Dimensional GEL cover, put "toilet seat" or SRRT in the SEARCH window.

For most people, an inexpensive blow-molded raised toilet seat is all that is needed.

The patients who need Sta-Rite™ Raised Toilet seat are often high-end wheelchair users.  

When they transfer to the toilet, they place most of their weight on one edge – often the front edge.  Securely attached and stable is critical.  These patients tend to have "bowel programs" that require access by OT/caregiver.  With bowel issues, the time spent on a toilet seat can be considerable – resulting increased pressure from sitting - with all of the complications that can arise.  Appropriate, easy to clean padding is an important concern for many.

The Sta-Rite™ Raised Toilet seat was designed to:

  • Have original toilet seat available for use when Raised Toilet seat is removed
  • Install easily and be easily removed when original toilet seat is preferred
  • Attach securely and remain stable even when weight is all on one edge of the seat
  • Powder coated metal base – 500 pound capacity
  • Sturdy metal base that provides a 6” rise about the toilet
  • Access to patient on 3 sides for
  • unhindered insertion of suppositories
  • digital stimulation
  • perineal cleaning
  • Optional Gel Ovations™ Dimensional GEL toilet seat cover
  • Optional arms on either side or both sides. (Standard 2 arm frame is available - CODE is TSA)

Installation Instructions for the SRRT

If the toilet has a standard toilet seat on it, remove it:
    • Find the screws (often under flaps at the back of the toilet seat)
    • Hold the screws from moving using a flat head screw driver, undo the nut on underside of toilet.  This usually requires no other tools.
    • Save all parts to use when reinstalling the standard toilet seat.

Place the SRRTS flat metal U shaped bar with the ends of the U facing AWAY from the wall.  (see picture) Align the holes over the toilet seat bolt holes.
If you are installing a seat arm frame, add this on top on the U with the tube closest to the wall & also aligning the holes.

Reinstall the standard toilet seat and tighten the bolts.

Find the ‘security nuts’ included with the SRRT.  Add one to each standard toilet seat screw and tighten as tight as you can with your hand.  In some cases, if the standard seat keeps coming loose, you may need to use a wrench or pliers to tighten the security nuts.

The standard toilet seat can now be used normally.

When the SRRT is needed:

• Lift the toilet cover and seat UP until they rest against the tank or as far back as they can go.

     • Line up the button-pins on the frame of the raised toilet seat with the slots on the previously installed metal SRRTS U shaped bar.

    • Push down on each button, turn 90 degrees, and release. Your SRRT is ready for use.

    To remove the SRRT, turn the buttons 90 degrees until they ‘spring up’ and remove the SRRTS.

In addition to the SSRT Raised Toilet Seat, this package includes the DTF Dimensional GEL pad and cover designed to exclusively fit the SRRT.

What’s important about this Gel Ovations™ pad and cover?

1) It is removable for SURFACE HAND washing and extra covers can be purchased.
2) It can be SURFACE HAND washed and dried with its cover on it.
3) With the cover off, it can be SURFACE HAND washed with a standard mild bleach solution (1 to 10 H2O). Rinse well.
4) 5 sizes to fit most toilets including bariatric: DTE DTR DTES DTB and DTBS.
5) There's no Velcro to wear out or become both dirty and difficult to clean.
6) The hidden zipper makes it easy to remove cover from pad.
7) Pockets front and back make it easy to attach and remove from seat.
8) Rubber bottom makes entire pad stay put on the seat.
9) Stretch nylon & dimensional GEL shape allows airflow to carry away heat & moisture.
10) The smooth stretch nylon vacillates comfortable transfers.
11) The airflow facilitates healing compromised skin.
12) Easy ON-OFF the toilet makes pad easy to use.

MORE Washing Instructions