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  1. Arm Pad Bolt and Track Patterns
  2. Why GEL?
  3. Do they contain LATEX?
  4. What are they made from and can they leak?
  5. How to Install and Remove?
  6. How do you clean pads and covers?
  7. Shipping Info?
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1. Arm Pad Bolt and Track Patterns


 2. GEL versus Sheepskin, Synthetic Sheepskin and Foam


The Gel Ovations product line of accessories is the best solution for padding Durable Medical Equipment.


The comfort and quality come from both the covers and GELS used by Gel Ovations.  No type of product is ‘the best for everyone’ and yet high quality GEL may be the exception.  

Gel Ovations product line are usually the most comfortable for most people. 


A GEL is neither liquid nor solid. A solid GEL provides more support than common Jell-O.


When a hard object is pressed into a solid GEL, the GEL conforms to the shape of the hard object while simultaneously continuing to provide support.  That combination is why solid GELS are so comfortable.


Imagine resting your chin on your elbow and your elbow on a wooden desk. The pointed end of the elbow bone has little padding.  This quickly leads to discomfort and can even cut off the blood circulation.


To relieve the discomfort, the surface needs to be ‘softer’ and the pressure needs to be spread out over a larger area as happens with GEL.  Neither foam nor sheepskin has the ability to both soften and spread out the pressure. 


In addition, the number one complaint we hear about sheepskin is that it compresses AND quickly looses its ability to cushion and pad.  The next most frequent complaint is that sheep skin is so hard to keep clean and fresh looking.


In many products, especially foam, the cover will crack, adding a sharp scratchy plastic edge that also can be very uncomfortable. The flexible, woven nylon / rubber covering most commonly used on Gel Ovations products is guaranteed to never crack.  The cover also adds and extra layer of SOFT comfort that does not scratch and feels good to the skin. 


Did we mention Gel Ovations come out on top for ease of cleaning?


Were you looking for Falcon Gel or FalconGel? 


You have found it !!!  Falcon Gel is the original name for the Gel Ovations product line.  


If you know the Gel Ovations Product Code for the item you want, you can enter it directly into the SEARCH WINDOW at the top of each page of this website.  Top


3.  Latex


None of the products we sell are made with natural rubber.   For more information see FDA labeling guidelines . Top

 4.  What are they Made from?


The most common cover is a chloroprene rubber with a nylon surface, similar to wet suit material.


Inside is open cell foam and a polyurethane solid GEL.


It is referred to as a ‘SOLID GEL’ and will not leak out.  If the cover is punctured, it may feel a little sticky.  To remove the stickiness, just coat the gel with a little baby powder. Top

 5.  Installation and Removal


Any special installation instructions appear with the product description and are included when the item is shipped.

Permobil Slipcovers - special instructions

Our Dimensional Gel pads are often installed right over the existing foam pad or cover by placing the smooth side down on the existing part. This configuration enhances shear reduction and heat dissipation. If a smoother look is desired, the pads softness is maintained by installing smooth side up. In both cases, the pad will ‘conform’ to the shape of the underlying surface.


You may want to try alternate ways of positioning of the pads.


Here is a summary:


For Velcro items, stretch the Velcro tabs or Velcro strip around the bottom of the handle or crutch top.


Although positioning is personal preference, most people seem to get the greatest Comfort when the Velcro pads are installed as follows:

1) Identify the 'hook' edge of the product.

2) Place the product rubber side down with the sewn in gel on top of the handle and the 'hook' edge away from your body when your body is positioned to use the walker, wheelchair, etc.  Wrap the cover over the handle and away from the body.  The 'hook' edge seam will end up on the underside of the handle or far around the handle beyond your fingers.


For zipper items, stretch the cover over the existing and then close zipper for a snug fit.


Should you remove the foam pad or foam top before installing?   No, the pads/covers work best and fit best if put on right over the existing foam pad, handle or grip.


Removal.  To remove the cover/pad, simply undo the Velcro, unzip the cover or unbolt the pad.


For the Anywhere pad (stick on type), break the suction along one edge of the pad.  The adhesive is made by 3M and is designed to stick well and for easy release without leaving a residue.  Should some stickiness remain, it can be removed with a little WD 40 sprayed on a paper towel or cloth.  Top

 6.  Cleaning


Do NOT put pads/covers in a washing machine. 


Do NOT submerge them in water or agitate.


Do NOT put in clothes dryer.


With HEATED DRYING turned OFF, you may wash them in the top rack of an automatic dishwasher.


Alternatively, wipe the surface with any normal household soap or cleaning solution that is not irritating and to which you are not allergic. Top



7.  Shipping Information

 We ship only to WHOLESALE DEALERS.

Monday to Friday:

Orders received by 2 PM EASTERN time are normally shipped the same day via UPSA physical address is required. 

At CHECKOUT, you can select Standard, 3 day or Overnight.

Upon shipping, Tracking Number(s) will be sent to the email address on your order.

We appreciate your ordering early in the day so we can get your shipment out the same day.

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For deliveries outside the US, please contact


CANADAGel Ovations branded products are sold in Canada under the Gel Works brand and ARE available in Canada thru Advanced Mobility Systems Corporation

EUROPE: Gel Ovations Europe Limited

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We appreciate your business and strive to serve you and your customers !!!  




8.  Recycling Program


A recycling program is being set up to help people in need.  Please email for more details. Top


9.  Privacy Policy


We will respect your right to Privacy.  We will not share your information nor sell your information to another company or individuals. Please read Terms and Conditions for additional details. Top


10.  Secure ordering


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