GelO News April 2014

Problem: Current Adductor Won't Stay Put
A large group of our StaRite(TM) products started with the simple request for a GEL pad to fit the POSAlinc(TM)adductors made by AEL. When we asked if they wanted many of these pads, the response was "YES because they used a lot of POSAlinc(TM) hardware and needed a better pad." When asked why they liked the hardware, they said, "Ability to put the pad right where they wanted it." The hardware had 6 degrees of freedom." Next question led to the StaRite(TM) Adductors. What don't you like besides the pad? "How many places it could and did COME LOOSE or TWIST out of position!" Solution: We immediately saw a way to add teeth to the leg h anger AND to add set screws to tighten. StaRite(TM) Adductors were born. Features and Benefits: And we weren't done listening. Next came a request to make them swing away or removable. Adding a bicycle seat style clamp created an easy to use 'Quick Release'. Next - requests about non-AEL adductors - adductors that worked fine Except.... We started selling hardware parts [] so you could keep what worked - whether from AEL or others - and replace only the problem - whether 'Quick Release' or leg rest clamps with teeth and set screws to make existing adductors StaRite(TM) where you put them. Got a an adductor problem? Try one of ours or maybe just a few StaRite(TM) parts.
Sta-Rite Adductor Bracket + Gel Pad 7/8" SRABC Sta-Rite Adductor Bracket + Gel Pad 7/8" Swing Away or Remove SRASC Sta-Rite Adductor Bracket + Gel Pad 1" SRABD Sta-Rite Adductor Bracket + Gel Pad 1" Swing Away or Remove SRASD Sta-Rite Adductor Bracket + Gel Pad-Flat Mount Sw. Away or Rem. SRASF Sta-Rite Clamp Block Quick Release assembly SRQRA Sta-Rite Clamp Block TM0062 Sta-Rite 7/8" Leg Rest Assembly SR78LRA Sta-Rite 1" Leg Rest Assembly SR1LRA Sta-Rite 7/8" Leg Clamp Only SR78LC Sta-Rite 1" Leg Clamp Only SR1LC Now That is State of the Art 2014.
You ASKED for it -- Printable Product Guides NEW - Download current STA-RITE(TM) GUIDE Sta-Rite Picture Guide These are useful because they are organized differently from the website. When you are designing a CREATIVE solution, the clamps and parts in the Sta-Rite(TM) Guide may be Just what you need. Need help with a creative solution? Just email or call Chris at 302-494-9070
HOT Flicks Isn't it time to STOP practicing Medicine inside SILOS? Drowning in Data... One of the reported trends in rehabilitation medicine is open access to all data generated from government-sponsored research. That could be a good thing because having more eyes looking at the same research results can often be helpful. But more data is not always, in of itself, helpful. I'm not talking about privacy issues, because I'm assuming that (given HIPPA concerns) proper shielding will be in place. What I am talking about is something a software developer said to me years ago; "people drown in data". What he meant is that data, those facts and factoids we collect, are not and never should be the end game. Too much data can make it hard to actually see what we are looking for. Over the years I developed a simple (well simple to me) formula that described what our relationship to data ought to be: D + f (u) =I; I + x = K; K+ J = W First and foremost - data needs to be filtered to remove the inaccurate and unnecessary - leaving us with information which we can actually use. Information without appropriate action doesn't really help anyone. There is a famous anecdote about Thomas Jefferson detailing how he kept a record of every penny (literally) that he spent on Monticello. But he never added up the numbers. Which goes a long way to explain why he went bankrupt (twice). But information is also not the end game; we want to combine that information with experience with produces knowledge; something we can share and something on which we can build a foundation of change. For most, the process stops there, but for the driven, knowledge gets combined with judgment and the final result is wisdom. It is not everybody's goal, but I think most of us know at least one person who embodies what we think of when we say wisdom. It's a valuable commodity and in a world where technology (and non-human decision making) is growing, wisdom is going to be more and more valuable commodity. According to one report involving the crash of a South Korean jetliner in San Francisco last year "airline pilots get so little opportunity these days to fly without the aid of sophisticated automation that their stick-and-rudder skills are eroding." Technology is here to stay and I think, by and large, it is a good thing and a positive trend, But in our love affair with technology and data shouldn't blind us to our role in the process.
KBMB - Bariatric Knee Button Did you ever try on a pair of shoes that were just a scosche too small? Bariatric Wheelchair knee button pad In all other respects they were perfect, but you just needed them to be a little bigger. One of our really great dealers had that problem when it came to knee buttons for his bariatric clients. So he took one of our GFPC bolt-on foot plate covers, added 2 of our TC1 clamps and attached it to a swing away foot rest. Voila! (That's french for "wow, that's clever") The bariatric knee button was born. Since then, this product has met the need for protection again and again. Once again I say, some of our best ideas aren't really ours, they come from you. So remember, when a 4" round knee button isn't quite enough, think KBMB.