GelO News May 2013

New Products? Problem: There are some products that just seem to engender a love/hate relationship. You buy that new, sleek Euro-look toilet only to discover later you can't get a replacement toilet seat when you need one. For some of our therapists, the Permobil power wheelchairs seem to fall into that category. So in the interest of increasing the love, we are ever vigilant about creating new GEL products for the mighty Permobil line... to improve patient comfort and protection. Solutions: We now offer peel and stick GEL Permobil footplate covers: 5PFPC fit small, 5" wide footplates and 7PFPC for the standard adult 7". Plus our new Slip on Dimensions(TM) Gel Calf Pad Covers: 57DPCPC for 5" x 7" and other sizes coming. Features and Benefits: These reduce shear and pressure while adding unbelievable comfort. If you tell us you want them, Dimensions(TM) Gel hip guide covers for Permobil will move from the "custom" category to standard inventory. These are ALL in addition to our Permobil Dimensions(TM) Gel Arm Pad slip covers - helping turn Hate into Love. Ah, Spring! Another problem?: Some products, that you love, would be even better, if only...they were smaller - they could be used on other body parts, etc. That's what you told us about our new adult sized Gel lined Angle Adjustable Foot Box (AFB) Solutions: Say no more. We now have 2 new, smaller size (5" wide and tall) Angle-Adjustable products (really the same shell with different gel covers ). The 5AFB is our Gel Lined Pediatric Angle-Adjustable Foot Box, and the 5ATES is our tray mounted Gel Lined Angle-Adjustable Elbow Stop product. More Problems?: Sometime you need more choices. Solutions: We now have 4 size