Gelo News Halloween 2020

What's the Trick? GelO News logo Halloween 2020 Do you want the Treat? It’s Halloween! Here's the Trick Keeping your clients safe and secure in wheelchair or shower chair without limiting the freedom & independence they need and you want for them. Here's the Treat Limit-LessTM closures and buckles . They’re easy to use, even for clients with limited strength & mobility. Be one of the first 50 people to order below and we'll send you one for FREE. That's an $85 value. See how easy they are to use: VIDEO: Magnetic self-engaging buckles so users can self release belts & harnesses. A Tale of Two Buckles This link explains the 2 types of buckles and the next link has the sizing information Sizing Guide FREE 1.0" Seat Belt with 6" Pads for your Fit Kit Bag This Limit-Less™ Single Pull 1” Seat Belt has has SLIDING MAGNETIC self-engaging buckles and 6" pads. You can also pick the Pelvic belt design which includes a ring. The length is Standard. By placing palms on the straps on either side of the buckle and sliding one up and the other one down releases the buckle. Just getting the 2 sides near each other will lead to ‘reclosure’. Our new Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self-engaging buckles for belts and harnesses makes it easier for users to self-release thereby staying on the right side of the anti-restraint requirements while providing safety, stability and support. By using the colored ring on the buckle, the user can release the belt or harness. Just ‘slip a finger into the ring’. Pull lightly away from the body at around 90 ° and the buckle releases. Made of metal and hard to break, they offer new options to clients who were previously Limited! Limit-Less™ products follow the industry standard sizing set by Body Point. To get a FREE Limit-Less™ ($85 value) - be one of the FIRST 50 people to SIGN in & order at GelOvations and enter CODE: TREAT Also to help you, here are Picture Product Guides. And, as always, our Products come with all the tools, hardware, and instructions to make them easy to install. Our HIP Guides are the finest on the market: with the most in and out adjustment, infinite positioning within that adjustment, and all the hardware to fit all the major brands. Perhaps we offer too many choices? To make that easier, our new interactive order form for HIP guides makes choosing easier. Let us know what your client needs. We’ll even drop ship it to them if desired. And we'll help them to a successful outcome. They'll even get a number to call for any help they need. It’s one more way we hope to help. Reducing the numbers reduces the risk…for us all. Be well and All the Best. ‌ As always, you can call Chris. He's hoping to hear from you. 302-494-9070 PS: Here are 2 more short videos you may like... a minute each: VIDEO: Finally, LOOK Forward from your chair !! VIDEO: Full Clearance Hardware that swings away 210º to get behind the back and out of the way now includes Laterals, Thoracic & Elbow Stops. Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab 888-435-6828 Chris Barnum 302-494-9070