GelO News June 2013

Keep Accessories exactly where they are needed ? Problem: Wheelchair accessories are added to round tubes and like to move around and shift position just to frustrate the person using the chair. Solution: When my marketing adviser (if I call him a consultant, then he wants to get paid) first dreamed up the name Sta-Rite(TM), we hoped people would remember that once you set our hardware, it would "stay right where you put it." Are we clever or what? Given how much time you spend making sure that a lateral or stump support is in the exact position you need and given the fact that clients and care givers seem gifted at moving it out of place, this seemed like a really good idea to us. And those of you who experience the problem first hand, seem to agree. In many cases, therapists who configure a chair don't see the client again for long periods of time and so never actually experience the frustration of hardware that can too easily be accidentally repositioned. Features and Benefits: The Sta-Rite(TM) Accessory Clamps are a good example of this. Designed to fit either 7/8" round tubing SAB2C1 = 2" Long SAB3C1 = 3" Long - or - 1" round tubing [] SAB2D1 = 2" Long SAB3D1 = 3" Long They can attach almost anything to round tubing in a way that resists external displacement. SAB3C clamp [] How do they perform this magic? Simply and beautifully. Loosen the two sides and it is easy to slip in place around the tube. The inside area that clamps to the round tube is serrated to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent movement. After tightening the sides around the tube, you then tighten down the 2 - cup head set screws to create a secondary 'twist resister'. Now the 2 - 1" spaced, drilled and tapped ¼ 20 holes allow you to 'attach your product, and expect it to 'Sta-Rite'. For really tough cases (bariatric laterals or high tone clients as examples), we have even replaced the cup point set screws with cone point set screws to provide the 'ultimate bite' and resistance to twist. Other Stay Where you NEED them products: This philosophy is also at the core of our Track Mounted Pads (TMS, GT, and GWT - all with 'Universal Mounting' attachment. And our Give Away this month: 46DVP - Dimensions(TM)Velcro® on pads [] can be fit on almost any surface, even around corners and bends. If you have a "success" story about how one of our products has solved this problem for you, we'd love to hear from you and share your experience in a future GelO NEWS issue. Cheers, Chris Sta-Rite(TM) meets REAL client needs. Texting is bad. Day dreaming is even badder. It's not uncommon at all. You drive a familiar route and park your car, only to realize later that you don't remember doing either. But just because this is a common behavior, does not mean that it is safe. How dangerous is it? Experts say it's a worse than texting while driving. According to a new study by the Erie Insurance Group, drivers who daydream are five times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash compared to those who were texting. Now, before you go and give daydreaming a bad name, you should realize that there are many situations where daydreaming can be a good thing; as part of relaxation exercises or creative thinking, it can be a wonderful tool. But like other tools (think about fire, for instance) there is a place and a time for it. If you daydream a lot there's even a name for it Maladaptive Daydreaming (MD) and some physicians consider it to be a psychological disorder, Daydreaming is the natural born enemy of "focus" - an ability to fully concentrate on the task before you. "Drift" is a first-cousin of sorts to daydreaming. You find yourself working with a client, but part of your brain is thinking about the errands you need to run after work. Or you're trying to configure a wheelchair while part of your brain is replaying an incident with a co-worker that happened earlier in the day. All well and good, you might ask, but what does this have to do with me? More than you might imagine. Studies of mindfulness, the art of being fully aware and engrossed in what you're doing at that moment, have shown that the practice makes people more productive and happier regardless of the environment in which they find themselves. Mindfulness also allows them to be better problem solvers and better communicators. And the good news is...? You don't need a lot of special tools or skills to get better at staying "in the moment". All it takes is a desire to do so and a willingness to develop the practice. Picture Product Guide Want to download a copy of our Picture Guide to our main products? Here it is !!! Universal Fit Pads One common question is "Do these arm pads fit the "xyz" chair?" GT Arm Center The part of the question that's implied is "without having to drill any holes"? We wish the answer was yes...but when there are as many variations from different manufacturers as exist today, even the 16 T-nuts on our G series arm pad are insufficient. We know this answer doesn't make you happy? But we have a trick up our sleeves. Gel Ovations(TM) provide a number of 'protective pads' which come with track and T-nuts, so that they 'universally fit' any set of holes you want to use to attach them. Track systems are included on the TMS, GT, and GWT Protective pads. Now, don't you feel better?