GelO News Safety Ladder 2019

Ladder Safety Lessons by Josh Barnum Background info: I recently fell 17 feet off the roof of the cabin that Kathy just bought. Some have suggested that this may be THE reason she purchased it. My recovery continues and I thought I should be preparing for life without a full brace. I am thinking I should consider a seminar on Ladder Safety, including planning your fall ahead of time. On to business: I was at a wheelchair clinic in Albuquerque (broken back and all. I am not sure how long I can play on the sympathy card) and was helping to fit a Permobil. Not to be controversial, but their Thigh Guides are almost useless. I should have known this from Alan Phillips at Dallas who asked for more adjustability and got me interested in making our first Multi-Axis Thigh Guide. But I have always been a bit slow, even before the brain injury. There was no way to raise the Permobil thigh guides up high enough to clear their plastic support under the cushion. They sure looked nice, but completely useless if the goal was to support the leg. This leaves aside the wonders of our GEL pads. Hmmm... Foam that compresses to uselessness or GEL? Tough decision. This brings me to Front Transfer Handles. Thank you Randy - VA Denver ! You gave us the Product of the Month. Randy needed a transfer handle with lots of adjustability so they can be higher than the 4” currently available which make patients lean way over to use the transfer handles. Randy decided 10 inches was the perfect amount of adjustability. He had us make them for Permobil, Quickie, Invacare and Quantum. We have therapists who know that we are the Go-to Place if they have a problem that needs a solution. Whether it was Dan & the Forehead Stabilizer, Alan & Thigh Guides, or Randy with endless great improvements, THANK YOU ! We are Part of Your Team & want to Solve Your Problems. Like Magic Tricks !! We have new Magnetic Releases for seat belts, chest belts, vests---that the client can release if they have any upper body movement. Two VA’s so far have made the double pull seatbelt standard issue for power and manual chairs. They are like doing magic tricks. If you want a sample just call ‭(800) 370-6808‬ or send me an email. Finally, again Randy, needed support for his vets that would fall afoul of anti-restraint issues. He was frustrated that nothing passed muster for his veterans that lived in long-term care facilities. Once again Falcon to the rescue. Heading Here Speaking of Forehead Stabilizers, we just got a wonderful email from a past Gold Medal Winner of shot put whose condition had progressed and now needed upper trunk/head stability. She got the Forehead Stabilizer, was enormously pleased, and has now asked for some modifications that we think will make the product even better. I am available for support and even those far ranging In-Services for those of you that haven’t had enough of Josh. . Pls let me know how I can help. Thanks for everything & especially the well wishes, Josh t and headline Email Josh Email Chris Gel Ovations & Falcon Rehab | 8245 Quebec St., Commerce City, CO 80022