Modular Arm Trough Configuration


How do I know what wheelchair parts to choose to build the custom
trough my client needs?
MAP with labels
Here are the 5 modules to a modular wheelchair arm : 

* Hand Pad

* Elbow Stop

First Trough Side

Second Trough Side

Trough Center


Start with Hand Pad with or without Mouse:


If client needs a hand pad, you cannot use a G-Series Gel Arm Pad because it does not have track system to mount the hand pad. GEL covers are available for the polyurethane hand pad as are large and small mice.


Next... Elbow Stop :


There are 5 choices that are part of the modular arm trough system including FLAT & CURVED options.


If client needs an elbow stop, is a 3" x 4" FLAT GEL pad sufficient?


Or does client need the security of a larger curved pad with the best protection of their skin - a Dimensional GEL Elbow Stop?  It reduces pressure, shear, heat and moisture - the 4 sources which contribute to painful and dangerous pressure ulcers.


Dimensional GEL elbow stops come:   

         3" x 5"       4" x 4"        4" x 6"       5" x 7"

Pick the one that offers the best support, without making the wheelchair wider. All provide the elbow stop - above the bony elbow prominence.


If the client needs an elbow stop and does not want it attached to the arm pad, there are many options for elbow stops that are off the Back Cane... including a SwingAway version to allow for easy transfer.


One Trough Side or Two?


The trough sides are available in 3 lengths - 10", 12", and 14". They are available in 2 widths - 2" or 3.5". You can pick the length you need for each side independently, perhaps adding a shorter piece on the inside if movement of the hand in that direction is desirable.


The trough sides come in 2 varieties. Those named First Trough Side have a narrower metal tab that goes under the arm pad. Pick a "First Trough Side" if you are only adding one side.  


If adding two sides, pick one "First Trough Side" and one "Second Trough Side "


By picking one of each, the metal tabs form a complete metal surface under the arm pad. One of each will always fit the arm rest. If another Side is needed after the first, you can always go back and add a "Second Trough Side ".  


The First and Second can go on either side. Together, they are the correct size. They strengthen the arm rest and form a solid base to attach other options like an elbow stop.


Which center is best?


G-Series is the least expensive and available up to 16". It does not have a track mounting system so positioning sides and mounting on the armrest are more limited unless you are going to use a drill. As soon as you drill, you are into the issues with custom building.


If you want to be able to slide sides to 'just where you want them' - pick one of the centers with a track bottom - GT , GWT , or TMS .


If you want one side trough, and the other side waterfall - pick the GWT series.   


The waterfall is already built and the track system allows you to slide the side from front to back.


The GWT, GT Centers and LaBac Compatible (polyurethane foam) are 4" wide. The G and TMS are 3.5" wide. The GT series comes with a removable washable cover to make cleaning easier.


Different size needed?


Tell us what you need. It may already be under development. We develop new products and new sizes because your customers need them.


Questions? If you still have questions, call Chris at 302-494-9070 to discuss.