GelO News February 2015

Medial Thigh Support
We'd like to pay you...but we can't! Our clinicians, dealers and end users are a critical part of our design team. You take our products, which you tell us are great AND then give us ideas on how to make them even better. A few years ago we developed a medial thigh support (us old folks sometime think of these as Hip Guides). It offered lots of of adjustability - height, position front to back, as well as in and out, and even incremental angle - and of course a number of different GEL pads. The primary hardware was made of stainless steel. No wonder then that the thigh guide good such good grades from you all. But then, many of you expressed an interest in using these in place of the skirt guard on Quickie chairs, and felt it would be easier and better if we could provide hardware that fit directly into their skirt guard holder. This required that we change the 'bayonet' which fit through the holder in 2 ways: slightly different width, and with a slot on the bottom like that which came on the Quickie skirt guard. The other request was for continuous, instead of incremental, angle adjustability. You asked and you have received. I am proud to announce that both of these changes have been made, and are now standard on our Medial Thigh Supports.
Sta-Rite(TM) Multi Axis Adjustable Thigh Support - 3.5" x 10" GEL Pad SRMHG10$495.00 Sta-Rite(TM) Multi Axis Adjustable Thigh Support - 3.5" x 12" GEL Pad
SRMHG12 $525.00 Sta-Rite(TM) Multi Axis Adjustable Thigh Support - 3.5" x 14" GEL Pad
SRMHG14 $545.00 Sta-Rite(TM) Multi Axis Adjustable Thigh Support - 3.5" x 16" GEL Pad
SRMHG16 $565.00 Chris
What's in YOUR bucket?
We finished 2014 by talking about a new way to look at resolutions. There was another part to that article, but for the sake of brevity, we've chosen to break it into two parts. Consider this Part Deux. When you look at most bucket lists, they tend to fall into certain categories: 1. Go somewhere. It may be Machu Pichu or Paris or the Grand Tetons, but it's a trip to a place you always wanted to go, or thought you should go, but for one of many reasons have put off. 2. Engage in an unusual (for you) activity. Swim with dolphins, dive with sharks or go up in a hot air balloon. This one often has a little danger associated with it. 3. Do something "big". Write a book, start my own business, build a house with Habitat for Humanity. 4. Improve the quality of my life. Learn a foreign language, lose 20 pounds, run a marathon. 5. Increase my awareness. Practice meditation every day for a year, make a list of the 100 things that make me happy, make a list of things I could do to be a better mother, father, husband, wife. (Interestingly I never see this one including "daughter, son, brother or sister - but that may be a different article one day.)Bucket Lists seem to have a lot in common with resolutions with ONE big difference. Resolutions seem to be about things we feel we should do; bucket lists about things we'd like to do. The similarity is that most people seem to put off doing both. In the first case, it is often the new year and articles like these that prompt action; in the second it may be life-threatening illness or the unexpected loss of a young(ish) friend or colleague. Whatever the motivation, it's nice to have things to look forward to. The challenge seems to be the LIST itself. It's always so big, so encompassing, so..... overwhelming. It's one of the reasons (albeit not the only one - why people defer taking any real action on this list until something external pushes them to it. If it's important to you to do it, then you don't need to defer doing it. And you don't need to feel overwhelmed. Pick one. Just one. Make it something doable and something that's really appealing. And decide that this is the year you are going to really start. Take a piece of paper and put your bucket list item on the top of the page. Then list what you'll need to pull it off. How much time? How much money? Can you do it alone or do you need to find a friend to do it with? Before you know it there will be one less thing to do and one more memory to have. Who might even make it your New Year's resolution and knock off two things at the same time.