Gelo News Jan 2021

WHEN will the new year start? GelO News logo January 2021 WHEN will the new year start? Yes, we are happy that 2020 is behind us. We thought this was the right time to talk about our community and our blessings. Our large community includes everyone who works for our companies, subsidiaries, vendors, distributors, manufacturers and those who use our products to have a better life. In early March 2020, Dr. Chris Barnum started telling everyone to get a Blood Oximeter and to start monitoring oxygen in their blood. Later, Chris received an email from colleagues in the UK that I would like to share with you. You recommended purchasing an Oximeter when John had Covid symptoms. I purchased him one, and my mother used it when he was getting very poorly and rang for the ambulance because of the readings. That night John nearly died and was told that if he had delayed calling an ambulance any longer he would not be with us. I think that we owe you a beer or two when we meet next! James Chris claimed that: WHAT he did was nothing that a million or more of us haven’t said during this year to family or friends about whom we had concern. He said, it wasn’t heroic or even particularly special. But, it was a reminder of how important it is that we all look out for one another. Not assuming that someone will remember to do all that is needed to care for themselves or others. Recognizing our connection to one another and the power of shared concern. As editor of the GelO News, Chris told me to get an Oximeter early March 2020 and to start taking readings 2x a day. He even said, "Put it on his AMEX account." I live alone outside Boston, and it has become like a pet. I use it 2x daily because I am at higher risks. Then the unthinkable happened. It read 66. It had been reading 97 98 or 99. Panic began to set in. When I calmed down, I realized I had forgotten to PLAY DOCTOR and turn the gizmo around. Like magic, I was 99 again. As Our extended family ~ All of us want to remind you all to be safe and to recognize that each of us and all of us can and do make a difference in this world. Also to help you, here are Picture Product Guides. And, as always, our Products come with all the tools, hardware, and instructions to make them easy to install. Let us know what your client needs. We’ll even drop ship it to them if desired. And we'll help them to a successful outcome. They'll even get a number to call for any help they need. It’s one more way we hope to help. Reducing the numbers reduces the risk…for us all. Be well and All the Best. As always, you can call Chris. He's hoping to hear from you. 302-494-9070 PS: We've created 3 short videos you may like. They range from 53 secs to 70 secs: VIDEO: Finally, LOOK Forward from your chair !! VIDEO: Magnetic self-engaging buckles so users can self release belts & harnesses. VIDEO: Full Clearance Hardware that swings away 210º to get behind the back and out of the way now includes Laterals, Thoracic & Elbow Stops. Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab 888-435-6828 Chris Barnum 302-494-9070