GelO News March 2014

NEW Elevating Leg Rests
It's not magic. It just feels that way. Problem: You get the leg rest to the right spot, but it doesn't stay there. You adjust the foot plate to the right angle for support and control, but it moves out of place. Getting them set the way you want isn't that hard. Getting them to stay that way is. Solution: The Perfect Leg Up(TM) Part of the problem - the wheel chair leg runs "interference" in the path of life. Used as a door opener, banging regularly into all manner of things makes maintaining positioning seem impossible. It's not. For years, The Perfect Leg(TM) showed everyone from clinicians to service techs and users how easy it was to "set it & forget it" when it came to swing-away footrests. Now with the new StaRite(TM) "Perfect Leg Up" you CAN get the same results in a manual elevating leg rest. Features and Benefits: It starts with our High Pivot design (with a Gel Ovations(TM) Knee button at the pivot). This eliminates the need to lengthen to avoid shearing while making lots of positioning & maintenance headaches disappear. For clients who use the leg rest to clear a path, the rugged Heavy Duty design can take the abuse. The added gas piston makes elevation and positioning effortless - even for those clients with really heavy legs. Want more? The gas piston makes the leg rest dynamic - push down on it and it springs back. The multi-axis positioning options for foot and ankle assure that the leg rest can be quickly set to fit properly. But can I use it on my client's chair with his rehab seating? We're glad you asked. We just need to know what the client has so we can ensure the hanger bracket matches - whether you have an Invacare, a PDG, a Quickie 2 or other system. And should you need a gel calf pad or trough or a bariatric gel calf pad or trough, we can fix you up with those as well. Now These are State of the Art 2014 Perfect Leg and Perfect Leg Up The Perfect Leg Up(TM) has a gas jet that raises the leg rest. Shown at right with standard knee button and optional GEL calf pad. The ultimate elevating leg rest? SRPLUR & SRPLUL The Perfect Leg(TM) is a heavy duty leg rest built to survive the challenges some of your customers will interact with. The knee angle is adjustable. SRPLR & SRPLL Perfect Leg(TM) comes with sturdy airplane grade aluminum foot plate that folds up. Foot Plate Upgrade choices: Inversion / Eversion - SRPLAFP ---OR--- 2 Axis Adjustable - SRPL2AF The foot plates come in Right and Left. The 2 Axis foot plate does not flip up. Clearing the Air... The recent ISS in Vancouver was in many ways an eye-opener. The response to our new raised toilet seat was a lot greater than I had ever expected. Also, confusion regarding our relationship with Synergy was apparent. Initially, Synergy approached me wanting to sell us gel for some of our products. In 2009, we entered into an informal working agreement to leverage our individual strengths. That relationship began to unravel in 2012 when significant differences in business philosophy and marketing direction emerged. So, in 2013, we separated from Synergy and moved our operational business back to Denver, CO. Synergy did in the past distribute some of the Gel Ovations products, yet no longer does. Simply put, Gel Ovations(TM) & Sta-Rite(TM) brands are made by us or for us & we are the exclusive/master distributor in all non-VA hospital markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Synergy Rehab produces Synergel(TM)and Dimensions(TM)gel. While the companies do, on occasion, purchase component items and finished products from one another, we are two separate operations. Synergy is not the producer of most items you think of as 'Gel Ovations' products. Statements to the contrary, particularly from an independent sales force, most likely represent a lack of awareness rather than a deliberate misrepresentation. On a personal note, I want to convey to all of you, that I and the brands of which I am so proud, will continue to be driven by our customer focus, our innovation and our desire to maintain our position of "best in class" in our industry. When ordered from Gel Ovations 888-435-6828, over 99% of our products continue to ship within 24 hours of order. If you ever have any questions, about our company or products, I encourage you to call me directly on my cell at 302-494-9070 Sincerely, Dr. Chris Barnum CEO Gel Ovations You ASKED for it: Picture Guides As soon as the laminated picture guides are in, we will ship the new Fit Kit Bags to everyone who ordered one at ISS or from the ISS Newsletter. You can still order a FREE Fit Kit bag by going to our website, signing in, typing "harbor" in the search box and then checking out. The Picture Guides are useful because they are organized differently from the website. When you are designing a CREATIVE solution, the clamps and parts in the Sta-Rite(TM) guide may be exactly what you need. Only need 2014 laminated Picture Guides? Type "2014" in search box and then check out. Need help with a creative solution? Just email us or call 888-435-6828 To order our newest laminated picture guides, search for "2014" and add it to your shopping cart with our compliments & Free Shipping, too.