Janus 2019

Janus 2019 Looking BOTH ways… Moving FORWARD A Janus moment for us. Much of our development schedule centers around ISS. Here we are half way between ISS Pittsburgh 2019 & ISS Vancouver 2020. We thought it a good time to reflect on HOW all the products introduced in Pittsburgh are fairing. We hope you are already finding them useful for your clients. If you need samples or help with any of these, please let us know. Just REPLY to this email. Adjustable Forehead Stabilizer The Adjustable Forehead Stabilizer continues to get huge attention and with good reason. There is simply nothing in the market that works as well. Period. Based on your requests, in the time since ISS, we have also created Power version, Pediatric version, Extensions & Adapters. Adjustable Forehead Stabilizer will now fit virtually any headrest hardware. Adapters make it easy to use with existing head rest hardware & pad. The SRAFS is truly changing lives for those with ALS, MS, and other diseases where neck strength is causing “flexing forward” problem. Finally, LOOK Forward from your chair !! Sta-Rite™ Adjustable Forehead Stabilizer Selection Guide Limit-Less™ Another item that was generating a buzz (which Josh mistakenly thought was a nest of hornets) was our new Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self engaging buckles for belts and harnesses that allow users to self release thereby staying on the right side of the anti-restraint requirements while providing safety, stability & support. Whether in a wheelchair, shower chair, or on the toilet, no one wants to feel insecure, unstable, or unsafe. On the other hand, being restrained in a way that is not possible to self-release doesn’t feel good either and can violate restraint rules. Our new Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self-engaging buckles for belts & harnesses makes it easier for users to self-release... thereby staying on the RIGHT side of the anti-restraint requirements while providing safety, stability & support. Limit-LessTM Product Sizing Chart Guide Infinitely Adjustable Lateral Two ‘swing-away’ products got lots of attention at ISS . First our strong, infinitely adjustable lateral solves the ‘get it out of the way so the arm can be gotten out of the way’ without hitting the lateral problem. The Sta-Rite™ Lateral now swings away 210º to get behind the back and out of the way. I hope you are as happy as I am. The ability to move a “swing away” lateral support to 180º was a big improvement over earlier products that only swung away 90º The extra 90º meant no more laterals BENT by hitting a door jam. It WAS better &yet...there was still a BIG problem for clients who need to flip back their arm rest for side transfer. Laterals usually ‘bring a pad in’ to support the trunk of the body. When swung back 180º, they hindered putting the arm... back into position. That problem is now history. LATERAL Selection Guide Thoracic stabilizer The other ‘swing-away’ is an upper body support that is great for some Duchene’s clients because they can lift & swing out of the way when they don’t need upper body support. This is another support without restraint. HIP Stars ‌ Journey's song: “Anyway You Want It” is a good description of Sta-Rite™ hip guides. Listen Our hip guides create a set of hardware that should meet almost any need. Choose our Regular series, our Economy series (strength and function at an affordable price) or our Bariatric versions for those with extreme needs: weight or tone. And there's MORE ~ they can be matched to any of the 17 pads we offer (or pads from others if you can’t find one of our 17 to meet your needs) to create the ultimate “Anyway You Want It” hip guide to meet your clients' needs, as well as yours. All these Hip Stars come with ALL the screws, T-nuts, and other hardware you need to fit power tilts from Quantum, Quickie, Permobil, and Motion Concepts, as well as the most popular manual tilts – the Iris, Solara, Focus, and Fuze. Oh, AND we include a zipper bag with the Allen wrench you need, complete instructions and ALL the hardware. We have you covered. You cannot get ready to install and find you are ‘missing something’. The remaining problems are ‘Is the price going to fit my budget'? Our answer is yes, and if you disagree, call Dr. Chris: 302-494-9070 or email sales@GelOvations.com So we've created a NEW problem !! How to choose the right hardware and pad to meet your clients' needs. Simply go to How to Pick Hip Guides Robo P.A.W.S.™ This 'Game Changer' is the most innovative pressure sore prevention & healing assistance since the dawn of 'alternating pressure mattresses'. By automatically doing & recording weight shifts 'As prescribed & on the schedule requested' they dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing pressure sores & assist in healing existing ones while getting clients out of bed. PS: Management will love being able to improve patient care without increasing staffing hours. Loopwheels™ We are very proud of these patented, carbon fiber composite - leaf spring - shock absorbing - suspensions systems for manual wheelchairs. When we saw these at Rehacare, we knew they needed to be available to you. Not only do they LOOK COOL, they reduce vibration by 2/3 and reduce the effort needed to self- propel on uneven surfaces. We have most sizes & colors in stock. Loopwheels NOW Available in USA WHY Loopwheels ? NOW Available in USA The drop off curbs is cushioned by 50% a smooth ride ADDS comfort saves the body from absorbing all those unwanted vibrations. 25" Loopwheels 24" Loopwheels GREAT Hardware to hold that GREAT GEL We are known for our protective GEL and unparalleled hardware.