GelO News November 2013

Decubitus Ulcers / Pressure Sores
Problem: Pressure sores are painful, potentially lethal, and expensive to treat. People in power chairs routinely forget to follow their prescribed time and degree tilt schedules. Solution: The Shift Minder III manufactured by Rehab Informatics (a division of Falcon Rehab). Features and Benefits: Part of what makes Shift Minder III work is that it automatically turns on when the client sits down in the chair and off when they get up. It requires no client or caregiver interaction. The therapist or dealer programs the device with all the client-based variables (time intervals and tilt angles) and the Shift Minder III's alert signals remind the client when a shift is overdue. The unit stores 90 days of shift data, helping to clarify issues arising from a non-compliant client. Clinical Case Studies on Improved Outcomes was the subject of my talk at the recent European Seating Symposium in Dublin (send email for copy of slides). Of the many lessons I've learned since I entered health care manufacturing, one of the most important is that you can never get complacent when it comes to your products or your customers. If your clients with "all the right equipment and training" keep getting decubitus ulcers or fail to get full healing after flap surgery, then this is a product for you and them. Shift Minder is also great for clients with cognitive issues who "can't remember to shift" and for those who have attention issues. New tilt or recline users? Shift Minder III is the best method available to "form the right weight shifting habit" from the beginning. They say it takes at least 30 days to form a habit, so why not use a ShiftMinder III as a training device in the beginning? Consider this. If getting the clients in the habit of properly doing their weight shifts keeps 1 client in 75 from developing a Stage 3 or 4 pressure sore, it avoids tremendous pain and suffering and just might keep them alive. Last but not least - Look at the economics. The cost of a 90 day rental for ALL 75 clients is less than 10% of the cost of treating ONE Stage 3 or 4 Pressure sore** !! Shift Minder III is 'ready to work for you and your client' and it is available for purchase or rental. Chris Barnum, President ** Saving is based on - Journal of Rehab Research and Dev. 40, #5, 2003 pp.440 The Shift Minder III meets REAL client needs.
What motivates a lot of people to enter health care is their desire to help others; to support them in times of need; to help in providing, in one or more areas, for the care they need to recover or to maintain the best quality of life they can. I think this is equally true for many of the people who work in the service equipment provider space as well; even those who do not have a clinical background. What you do is potentially very stressful and, if you're not careful, can lead to burnout. Often going unnoticed, this emotional state can lead to feelings of frustration, self-pity, anxiety, depression and isolation. It makes doing your job extremely difficult, if not impossible. Are there warning signs? Always, but because we humans are so adept at rationalizing, we often ignore them or attribute them to something else. If any of the following list sounds familiar, then burn out may be closer than you think: 1. Do you get unreasonably angry with clients for things that did not use to bother you? 2. Is communication with clients, or co-workers (or others) more difficult lately? 3. Are you increasingly impatient or irritated? 4. Are your normal sleeping patters changing? 5. Are you more forgetful? 6. Do you have a decreasing interest in things you used to enjoy? If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions, then it may be time to slow down, take a deep breath and do a quick self-assessment to assure that in the process of caring for others, you are also caring for yourself. That can take different forms for different folks: for some it means making sure they exercise regularly; for others it may mean actively planning "relaxing" time to do something you enjoy but often put off as "not as important"; talking to trusted friends about your emotions (venting) can be helpful'; paying attention to your diet can make a difference as can meditation or other forms of scheduled "relaxation". Bottom line: Please make sure that in the process of caring for others you don't lose sight of your own status and needs. We need you !! Chris
StaRite(TM) for QUANTUM TruBalance 3 Have you ever been in that horrible position of assembling a piece of furniture, only to find that they left out three screws you need to complete the project? Little things often make a big difference. Based on a request from a Quantum rep, we now have Quantum TruBalance3 codes for our StaRite(TM) 6-axis adjustable adductors, thigh guides, and arm trough sides. They fit perfectly and include the "t"-nuts to fit the tracking. All are available with gel pads of course in a variety of sizes. Just look for the "Q" near the end of the product code SRASQ Pair of swing away removable knee adductors SRESQ1 Single swing away removable elbow stop SRAT10Q Pair 2"x10" adjustable arm trough sides CMLSQ Pair of knee buttons for a center legrest Quantum Wheelchairs If we can make something easier for you - give us a call. We'll be happy to see what we can do.