GelO News ISS 2018

We Want To Make It Worth Your While We love that so many of you stop by just to say hello: check in & grab a candy bar or two. This ISS - we are sweetening the pot with some new and innovative products to share with you - along with some twists on old favorites. New & Updates HIP Stars ‌ Journey's song: “Anyway You Want It” is a good description of Sta-Ritetm hip guides. Listen Our hip guides create a set of hardware that should meet almost any need. Choose our Regular series, our Economy series (strength and function at an affordable price) or our Bariatric versions for those with extreme needs: weight or tone. And there's MORE ~ they can be matched to any of the 17 pads we offer (or pads from others if you can’t find one of our 17 to meet your needs) to create the ultimate “Anyway You Want It” hip guide to meet your clients' needs, as well as yours. All these Hip Stars come with ALL the screws, T-nuts, and other hardware you need to fit power tilts from Quantum, Quickie, Permobil, and Motion Concepts, as well as the most popular manual tilts – the Iris, Solara, Focus, and Fuze. Oh, AND we include a zipper bag with the Allen wrench you need, complete instructions and ALL the hardware. We have you covered. You cannot get ready to install and find you are ‘missing something’. The remaining problems are ‘Is the price going to fit my budget'? Our answer is yes, and if you disagree, call Dr. Chris: 302-494-9070 or email So we've created a NEW problem !! How to choose the right hardware and pad to meet your clients' needs. Simply go to How to Pick Hip Guides Loopwheels™ As the exclusive US Distributor, we are very proud of these patented, carbon fiber composite - leaf spring - shock absorbing - suspensions systems for manual wheelchairs. When we saw these at Rehacare we knew they needed to be available in the US - and now we bring them to you. Sorry, we do not distribute these to Canada. Not only do they LOOK COOL, they reduce vibration by 2/3 and reduce the effort needed to self- propel on uneven surfaces. Loopwheels NOW Available in USA The drop off curbs is cushioned by 50%. All this gives a smooth ride, ADDS comfort, and saves the body from absorbing all those unwanted vibrations. 25" Loopwheels 24" Loopwheels WHY Loopwheels ? NOW Available in USA RoboP.A.W.S.™ Come see the latest in this 'Game Changer' - the most innovative pressure sore prevention and healing assistance since the dawn of 'alternating pressure mattresses'. By automatically doing and recording weight shifts 'As prescribed & on the schedule requested' they dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing a pressure sores, and assist in healing of existing ones while getting clients out of bed. PS: Management will love being able to improve patient care without increasing staffing hours. GREAT Hardware to hold that GREAT GEL Come by - Have ever seen a better Hip Guide ? – best as we can tell it fits everyone’s seating systems (as do OUR adductors and stump supports), and they are affordable. Head drop or body slump – come see our new solutions to these long standing problems. GEL? Of course – come see what’s new !!! Booth 24 at ISS in Vancouver. Giveaway: Visit us for a FREE gift: our brand new Whoops2018. It looks like a Slip Over the Back wheelchair GEL pad except for its slightly funky size. (Ok, we thought it would fit a 16” wide, and we were wrong.) You can put it in your “Gel Ovations Fit Kit Bag” as a sample or maybe it is better used as a gardening knee pad? If you tell us what you did with it, we will select a winner and award another prize. Order Fit Kit bag here. Until we hear the answers, we cannot predict what will create the WINNING answer. Extra credit for using it on a wheelchair or walker/rollator or other durable medical equipment item. Click here to order your FREE Whoops2018. So stop by... BOOTH #24 We're at the end of the row. Come see these Game Changers, along with the other new products. While there, be sure to sign up so we can send you the 2018 Laminate Picture Guides or just send email to And if you just want to stop by because you miss Josh, that's OK too. Josh’s BD was March 3rd and we invite you to stop by BOOTH 24 to commiserate with Josh about his brother Chris’s poor taste and warped sense of humor. Really ~ Who gives his brother a small stuffed Falcon named: That D*mn Bird for his birthday? And feel free to take an extra candy bar for your thoughtfulness. Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab |888-435-6828 |