Killer Toilet Seats


After some of your customers spend enormous sums on expensive power wheelchairs to protect themselves from Decubitus Ulcers, they then spend an eternity sitting on a hard toilet seat.  Eventually, they end up with Decubitus Ulcers.

If only they would drink more water and change their diets?

You cannot change people and some will spend hours on a toilet.  PLEASE oh PLEASE pad their bottoms.

Once Decubitus Ulcers start, they are difficult to cure.  The biggest issue is the often FATAL infections that can take over once the skin is so badly eroded.  

Google IMAGES for Decubitus Ulcers or just click HERE Aren't they the GROSSEST pictures? 

TRY to imagine the pain.  More importantly - think about how to keep ONE of those from being the home to a Life Threatening Infection

The Gel Ovations line of Dimensions Toilet Seat Pads are the best padding available for Toilet Seats.