GelO News October 2013

Gel Ovations Leg Strap Problem: If you are one of the therapists who NEVER, NEVER uses strapping to properly align a client's legs, then you can stop reading right now. BUT, if there are times you DO wind up using 'belts' or other 'strapping' devices, let's just cut to the chase. Solution: GEL Leg Straps Features and Benefits: Gel Ovations leg straps have two major advantages for you and your clients: 1) the protective GEL makes them much more comfortable and less likely to cause problems from pressure arising from tone AND 2) they are really easy to position and reposition, as often as you (or the client) need, quickly and without tools. These GEL Leg Straps meet REAL client needs. Gel Ovations is proud to announce our new and improved line of Gel Leg Straps. All of the straps are 55" long, and are available in 3 gel lengths 26", 32", and 36". They come with simple tightening method: After positioning where along the legs you want the strap, pull on the D ring on the end of the strap until tight enough, and then push down on the Velcro closure getting it set 'where you want it'. When you want it gone, reverse the process - it is that easy. The 26" length is 3.5" wide, the two larger sizes are 4" wide. 55" Gel Lap Strap with 3.5" x 26" GEL GLS26 55" Gel Lap Strap with 4" x 32" GEL GLS32 55" Gel Lap Strap with 4" x 36" GEL GLS36 Gel Ovations DUBLIN Nov 5 - 8, 2013 Dublin, birthplace of James Joyce and George Bernard Shaw and home to 1.8 million will be the host city for the 4th annual European Seating Symposium. Dr. Chris Barnum will be joining his European distributors (John and James) and Chris is promising to give us a full report upon his return. Find out what your European colleagues are up to in an upcoming GelO Newsletter. DREAM ON... You may be one of those people who swear on a stack of Bibles that you don't dream...but you do. Dream is part of sleep and so, unless you are dealing with abnormal sleep patterns, you area dreaming, whether you remember them or not. When you dream, areas of the brain that regulate your more linear, functional thinking temporarily "shut off" thus allowing your thoughts to take forms and paths that can be wild and even frightening. This switching off allows your brain to talk in a different "language", one comprised of images and metaphors. Which is why dream interpretation can be so challenging. If two people can't agree on what a particular poem means, how much harder is it to make sense of something that is unique to you. Some dream analysts even believe that you dream in puns and double meanings. Dreaming can be thought of in two general categories: one-time and recurrent. One-time dreams may be the result of a stimulus that occurred during the day; something you saw, a conversation, something you ate. While they are interesting, they probably have less significance in your day-to-day life. Recurring dreams, on the other hand, are far more significant and there are therapists who believe that the more frightening the dream (or nightmare) the more important the underlying issues may be. Many people have recurrent dreams with common themes like, falling or flying or being trapped. The most common one, according to research is being chased. This means that in your actual waking life, there is something or someone you want to get away from. It may be a situation or a person or an emotion. It may be that you're starting to like someone and fear the involvement. While dream themes may be shared by many, the drive behind your dreams are personal to you and need to be understood in terms of your life. An interesting phenomenon seems to be that once the issues underlying the dream are resolved, the dream goes away. There are websites like ,, and where you can check out these common themes and see what some interpretations may be. Until then, sleep tight. Egg shaped GEL pad Anywhere Pads Problems don't always come in nice neat packages. You can find yourself working with a client whose seating solutions have "pressure points" in unusual places - like the underside of a lap tray or table. At Gel Ovations, we understand and so we've come up with the Anywhere Pads. As long as the surface is relatively flat, a stick on pad may be just what you're looking for. These peel and stick pads come in 'egg shaped' (2 sizes), 4 'oblong', and 3 sizes of oval (up to 4.5" x 12"). If the surface is flat AND horizontal, and you want to be able to reposition the protection, you can choose from one of the 4 sizes of 'non skid pads'. Again sizes go up to to 4.5" x 12".