GelO News February 2014

NEW GEL Lined Arm Trough
Problem: Arm Troughs that are too hard for the client but not tough enough to deal with the client's environment. The most popular arm troughs used today are made from expanded polyurethane foam. Years ago that WAS state of the art but that doesn't keep them from being problematic. Bump them into something and they often crack and break. Spending long hours in them can be problematic for the skin. And when the clients tilt (as many of them are supposed to do on a regular basis) their arms too easily slips over the back edge falling out of position. These older troughs are also "fixed position" designs, which means that adjusting them to the angle you need can be difficult or even impossible. Solution: The Gel Ovations(TM) Arm Trough Innovative GEL Lined High Back Rigid Arm Trough shown with optional GEL Hand Pad. Features and Benefits: The Gel Ovations(TM) Arm TroughGAT with its impact resistant molded plastic shell is durable. Bottom, back, and sides are GEL lined, protecting skin integrity while providing added comfort. The 5" back is lined with ½" of GEL and is more likely to keep the arm in place. The track on the bottom makes for easy positioning front to back. Need more adjustment? We offer hardware kit THK that allows side to side and/or up and down positioning so clinicians can mirror the arm position. Need a hand pad? Pictured above is GAT with the THP GEL Trough Hand Pad so edematous hands and fingers can be elevated. The GEL liner is removable for easy cleaning. Now That IS State of the Art 2014. ISS -- Vancouver Canada -- 3/5 to 3/7 Please Drop by Booth 7 See and feel items from our product line including our newest and our most innovative products. Looking forward to seeing old friends. and making new ones! And we think our GEL pads are protective The most dangerous Olympic sport? What are the 3 most dangerous Olympic sports? Equestrian, gymnastics and others are known to produce spinal cord injuries. What about the newest kid on the block? Slopestyle had people worried because of the difficulty of the Sochi course. What do you think? 2013 What did we care about ? Google, the ubiquitous big brother of search engines, looks at what we looked at and publishes an annual zeitgeist (spirit of the times) report. Here's what we wanted to know about as organized by categories: Top Event: Boston Marathon bombing Top Person: Miley Cyrus Top Annual Event: Black Friday Top Apparel Retailer: Kohl's Top Appetizer: Tomato & Mozzarella Top Athlete: Aaron Hernandez Top Author: Tom Clancy Top Beer: Blue Moon Top Blog: Engadget Top Book: Lean In, women, work and the will to lead Top Caloric: eggs Top Car Company: Tesla I'm not a psychiatrist or a sociologist so I'm not sure what to make of this list (although before I even finished writing this, I had to Google Engadget to see what IT was all about - mostly technology and consumer products). On the surface it would seem that we are still pretty much preoccupied with sensationalism and consumerism, although the Top Book searches gave me pause to be reflective. I know we live in a world where we have unprecedented access to information and yet we don't seem to be getting smarter. The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs ran a civic education poll among public school students. 77% didn't know that George Washington was our first President. The adult peers aren't doing better. On the eve of the Iraq War, 69% of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks; four years later, even though proof had been provided that he was not, 34% still believe he was. And I can't help but wonder what's so puzzling about tomatoes and mozzarella cheese as to drive in to the number one position. Maybe, just maybe, because it's so much easier to find information and answers, we treat it the way we seem to treat so many other things in our society - as disposable. There's no need to remember any of it, because if you want to know it later, just look it up again. (Doesn't that just thrill data providers.) Knowing things shouldn't be the domain of techies and nerds and trivia geeks. It ought to be something in which we take pride. It doesn't seem like that's the way things are trending. Blame it on Valentine's Day I don't know why so many of us fall in love with the "one size fits all" solution. In many cases, it just doesn't work. This is particularly true for elbow stops. Selecting the right piece of hardware for the client requires a good understanding of positioning, transfer, and many more factors. We believe the best elbow stops don't locate the pad at the elbow, rather on the arm above the elbow to avoid putting pressure on the 'bony prominence'. For those clients where side transfers require swinging the armrest out of the way, the StaRite(TM) Swing away Elbow Stop (SRES series) mounted on the back cane is a great choice. With 6 directions of adjustment, it is easy to get the pad just where you need it. Simply lift the tightening handle and the elbow stop swings behind the back - allowing for easy transfer. Plus choice of 6 sizes of GEL pads. So go ahead, it's OK to fall in love with GEL Pad Elbow Stop: Position Adjustable, Swing Away, and Removable: OFF the CANE BACK for 7/8" tubing: SRESC SRESC OFF the CANE BACK for 1" tubing: SRESD SRESD OFF the CANE BACK for Track Mount: SRESM SRESM If we can make something easier for you - give us a call. We'll be happy to see what we can do. ELBOW STOPS from Gel Ovations: OFF the Cane Back OFF the Arm Rest OFF the Tray