GelO News January 2014

Problem: When is a problem not the real problem? More often than you might think. Several weeks ago, for example, I got a call from a consumer trying to figure out the actual name for the Leg Protector Wrap (LPW) so they could have their local dealer to order the "right" product. They had tracked me down because their old one had a Gel Ovations logo on it. But after a few minutes, it became clear that the REAL problem was that they needed something that offered them more GEL surface area AND adduction. The StaRite(TM) Adductor was almost what they were looking for - EXCEPT they needed extra GEL surface. Solution: What they needed was to replace the 3" x 4" GEL pad (AEP) with a larger Dimensions(TM) Gel Lateral Pad. For this client - when lined up to match the curve of their leg, these pads provide much greater contact surface than the 'flat' AEP. Available to fit adductors and elbow stops in addition to lateral supports in sizes that run from 3" x 5" to 8" x 9", there is a size for virtually every need. The 4" x 6" was just right for this client, who called back to tell me how much better this was. Although the LPW (this month's free gift from us to you) is a simple cure for many client's pressure problems, we have learned over time that the right questions combined with one of our over 300 GEL products can solve the majority of client problems. For new Sta-Rite(TM) Laterals, Adductors, or Elbow Stops, Upgrade from the standard, Flat 3"x4"GEL Pad (AEP) Pad to various sizes of Dimensions(TM) Pads. Have a client with an existing Sta-Rite system who needs bigger or better pads? Here are replacement pads. Thank you. Chris Dr. Chris Barnum
NYRS ALERT When New Year's hits, millions of Americans are afflicted with seasonal medical issues like hangovers & NYRS (New Year's Resolution Syndrome). O.K. I made that last one up, but you know what I'm talking about. Somehow the start of a new calendar year (often combined with guilt) leads many to rush into setting goals to change their lives. This year, we're suggesting you approach it a little bit differently. Start off with a good honest look at yourself and instead of focusing on the things you DON'T like, look at the parts of yourself that you find appealing or attractive and would like to enhance. Then follow these five simple tips. 1. Choose the right goals. Make sure that what you want to do is realistic and tied to the things that are important to you. Sure, loosing 10 pounds is nice, but is it life changing, or even life affirming? Perhaps you want to learn to play a musical instrument or volunteer at a local charity. The closer your goals are aligned to your personal values, the greater the chance your commitment will stay high. 2. Write it down. Studies have shown that the simple act of writing things down (like journaling the foods you eat when dieting) increases the likelihood of success. While you're at it, make sure you sign what you've written. Again research has shown that when we sign our name to something we take it more seriously. 3. Recognize what's in your way. Make a quick list of the obstacles that stand between you and success. Look at each one and ask yourself, "What do I need to deal with that?" It may be help from a friend, professional support or re-organizing your schedule. It may be learning how to say "no" without feeling bad. Whatever it is, make a plan for how you intend to get the resources you need. 4. Don't procrastinate. Many really good intentions die on the vine. In your written plan put down a DATE by which you are going to start. Whenever possible, QUANTIFY the goal. Don't just say, "I'm going to learn to play the piano". Say "I going to learn to play the piano well enough so that I can play two songs at next year's New Year's Eve party." 5. Be willing to say "oops"! Life changes, whether you expect it or not. Maybe you fall in love and get engaged, or you get a new job that means moving to Europe. Whatever. Be willing to sit down and reassess your priorities and make sure that your goals are still aligned with your real life. If they are, stay with it. If not, be flexible enough to realize it and make the changes that are best for you. Because, that's why you set personal goals in the first place. Trough Liners OTLM & OTLL Have you ever had to replace an entire product, even though you only needed part of it? It's aggravating. So for those of you who have perfectly serviceable arm troughs and just need a new liner, we have two. Both were originally designed to fit Otto Bock medium (13" Length) and large (19" Length) troughs. Our trough liners come with a Velcro strip for easy attaching. We have also been told, though not specifically designed to, these liners work well with a variety of other troughs or in situations where a long strip of gel and a Velcro adhesive turns out to be "Just what you were looking for". Gel Otto Bock Trough Liner Medium 13" L OTLM & OTLM1 Gel Otto Bock Trough Liner Large 19" L OTLL & OTLL1 Trough Liner on non-Otto Bock trough courtesy Quickie Wheelchairs