GelO News September 2013

Our "family" is expanding and you have no one to blame but yourselves. Just a few short months ago the Dimensional Velcro® on Pad (DVP), which we introduced at the International Seating Symposium in March, was our give away. At that time we had 5 sizes, ranging from 3" x 5" to 6" x 7.5", and they ALL came with a Neoprene / Nylon cover which makes them easy to clean, very tough and capable of 'taking some abuse'. As with all Dimensional pads, DVP and DVPB * never changes its softness with temperature * is non toxic * doesn't absorb moisture or odors. And because of the shape of the gel surface, it doesn't 'pressure harden' when you lean into it, and it 'moves with you when you move' thereby reducing shear. It also bends easily to fit curved surfaces. Your response has been great but you told us you also wanted a larger pad, so we have added one size - 8" x 9". Based on your feedback we are also offering the option of a breathable cover. The stretch nylon / Lycra® cover isn't as tough, yet water vapor and heat can escape through the cover, and then out through the spaces between the columns of gel to provide cooling and moisture reduction. With pressure, heat, moisture, and shear all being 'contraindicated' when trying to improve or maintain skin integrity having available a range of sizes of these easily placed pads should be a help to you and your clients. The updated "family" info is conveniently listed below. Cheers, Chris [] 302-494-9070 Dimensional Gel VELCRO on Pads with Neoprene Nylon Cover CODE 4" x 4" Rounded Corner Pad 44DVP 3" x 5" Oval Pad 35DVP 4" x 6" Oval Pad 46DVP 5" x 7" Oval Pad 57DVP 6" x 7.5" Rounded Corner Pad 67DVP 8" x 9" Rounded Corner Pad 89DVP Dimensional Gel VELCRO on Pads w/ Breathable Nylon Lyra® Cover CODE 4" x 4" Rounded Corner Pad 44DVPB 3" x 5" Oval Pad 35DVPB 4" x 6" Oval Pad 46DVPB 5" x 7" Oval Pad 57DVPB 6" x 7.5" Rounded Corner Pad 67DVPB 8" x 9" Rounded Corner Pad 89DVPB "Even if you're a risk taker, play it safe with Gel Ovations GEL add ons" The perpetual question is: What do your clients need to make their wheelchairs better ? Please help us help serve them better. All our products come from REAL needs. Our Move to Colorado We value your time and business and wish to apologize if your experience during the transition was anything below our high standards. Our new location was not directly impacted by the floods and yet the flooding has affected telecommunications, our staff's commute to work, ground shipping, and everyone in our new community. Pictures of the flooding in Colorado. [] Had it been winter - the estimates are it would have been 10-15 feet of snow. Don't Forget to Oil the Nurse Predicting the future can be tricky. But looking at larger trends can certainly give one an idea of what things the future might hold In wealthier countries like Japan and the US the population is aging, the funds available to pay for medical care is shrinking and the pool of qualified, affordable health care workers is shrinking, while the need is growing. The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP report that approximately 44.4 million Americans act as caregivers to a loved one, affecting nearly 21 percent of all U.S. households. Which has a lot of people thinking one thing ... Robots !! Robots aren't new of course. We've had them in manufacturing for years. But as technology advances, more and more companies are betting that there is a sizeable market. Intuitive Surgical introduced the daVinci robot surgical device in 1999. (although the company has recently come under fire for cutting corners in their rush to bring the product to market); a hospital in the Netherlands has been using a robot pharmacists for several years and claims that they have reduced medication errors and are saving over $90,000 USD a year; in Japan, physical therapists have used computerized exercise tables (kind of a robotic first-cousin) to put patients through ROM and strength building exercises without the need for a human-type person to be in attendance. There are now over 20 large established companies (like Honda and Toyota) betting that they can build an intelligent, fully functional robot that will be able to provide nursing support for seniors living at home and make them affordably. Already, prototype robots like Honda's Asimo and the NAO are able to recognize patients based on facial features and respond to a series of interactive commands. These robots can also be programmed to take vital signs or certain diagnostic measurements and respond to medical personnel or family members calling to "check in". What about the seniors? Are they ready for robotic care? A recent study, conducted by scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology, tested how seniors would react to help from personal robots. Researchers report robotic technology can help make aging in place a reality for seniors, as robots can help a senior eat, get dressed, use the bathroom, make food and even clean the house for them. The response was very favorable. Note that the more personal the care, the more uncomfortable seniors seemed to be with it. So what about you and the work you do? Stop and take a look around and ask yourself: "What do we do that a robot might do better, with fewer errors and at a lower cost?" Who knows? Maybe you'll be the one to invent it and bring it to market. New Back Cane Cover Sometimes focus is good, and sometimes it creates a blind spot. Back Cane Cover Back Cane Cover slips OVER push handles and provides GEL padding for patient's back For more than 7 years we have been selling a gel padded back cane cover (BCC series) to help those clients who don't want push handles, yet have a problem with the top of the back canes gouging their backs. Our customers who use them have always loved them, and commented about the great comfort and improved posture that comes from the enhanced back support provided. After selling numerous custom BCC's by creating an opening at the ends to allow 'push handles to fit through' we have had the 'awakening' and created the BCCP series to fit over wheelchair backs with push handles. When we run out of the old ones, this will become our standard product. In the mean time, if you want one to fit over the push handles order a BCCP CODE Stretch + Velcro® Over Back Canes - fits 14" to 16" BCC16P Stretch + Velcro® Over Back Canes - fits 17" to 18" BCC18P Stretch + Velcro® Over Back Canes - fits 19" to 20" BCC20P