GelO News ISS 2017

We Want To Make It Worth Your While We love the fact that many of you stop by just to say hello; check in, and grab a candy bar or two. But this ISS, we are sweetening the pot. We have some new and innovative products to share with you, and some twists on old favorites. Loopwheels(TM)- a patented, carbon fiber composite, leaf spring shock absorbing suspensions system for manual wheelchairs. Not only do they look cool, they reduce the effort needed on uneven surfaces and curbs, smooth the ride adding comfort, and save the body from absorbing all those unwanted vibrations. When I saw them at Rehacare I knew they needed to be available in the US - and now they are. AussieMax(TM) - after 70 years, someone has come up with a way to manage the "power" in power wheel chairs. This one is going to change your mind about what can be dome to solve some age old problems. RoboP.A.W.S.(TM)- Come see the latest in this 'Game Changer' - the most innovative pressure sore prevention and healing assistance since the dawn of 'alternating pressure mattresses'. By automatically doing and recording weight shifts 'As prescribed & on the schedule requested' they dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing a pressure sores, and assist in healing of existing ones while getting clients out of bed. PS: Management will love being able to improve patient care without increasing staffing hours. Gel Express(TM) packs - Simplify the process and reduce the cost of Falcon & Gel Ovations products that you often order in the same configuration. You get to customize what you want and use frequently. So stop by BOOTH #201 to see these Game Changers, along with the other new products. While there, be sure to sign up your so we can send you the 2017 Laminate Picture Guides or send email request to [] And if you just want to stop by because you miss Josh, that's OK too. More than Thinking out of The Box... Doing AWAY with the Box 1. RoboP.A.W.S. [](TM) The only way to get ahead of pressure related issues is to provide a safe environment and make sure it is utilized. A brain in a bed has become commonplace for at risk clients, but the same capability hasn't been available until now for the client sitting up. We think Robo P.A.W.S. [] will change the way you manage wound care. Robo P.A.W.S [] for long term care is available now as is Robo P.A.W.S. [] Rehab (based on the LaBac Manual Tilt Chair). 2. New Raised Toilet Seat with Gel Sleeve [] Again, it's great to manage pressure in bed and in the chair, but if the client's bowel care program has them sitting for protracted lengths of time, pressure management needs to be addressed. The positive lock (safety during sitting and transfer) and the access to the perineum (for digital insertion and cleaning) is a genuine solution. 3. Perfect Leg UP(TM) This one actually comes off my brother Josh's bucket list. He has hated manual elevating legs on wheelchairs for over 40 years. They: * Get bent and won't go up or down; * Don't support the leg, and * The low pivot requires articulation to prevent the knee from being pushed up when the leg is elevated. This simple, elegant solution has gel at the pivot point and is available for nearly every brand of chair on the market. 4. 4. AussieMax(TM) Until there is a breakthrough in battery technology, AussieMax(TM) is the only way to get maximum life from existing batteries. Less costly than a set of batteries, AussieMax(TM) will balance the current in the two batteries, remind the user to charge the batteries, increase the range of the existing batteries, and provide ports for phone and laptop charging. And the 'diagnostic APP' should cut down on service calls. Contact me to arrange a way to bring you up to speed on these Game Changing new rehab products and more. Chris 302-494-9070 []