Gelo News June 2021

Rust never sleeps? GelO News logo June 2021 Shower Chair Accessories From time to time, we get asked about use of our products in shower chair environments. Shower Chairs differ from regular chairs because they are made to go in water, and products for them fall into 4 types: Accessories also made to go into water; Normal accessories that can be used in water without voiding your warranty; Normal accessories that can be used in water that void your warranty (clearly this is what most of the calls are trying to avoid); Hardware products that are safe and effective to use in a water environment. The purpose of this article is to discuss Gel Ovations products so that where they fit in the list above becomes clear. Gel Ovations makes our ‘Aqua’ line, specifically designed for use on shower chairs. This line includes tubular arm covers (TACS) and knee protection wraps (LPWS, KPRS). These look different as they come in a blue cover instead of the traditional black, yet are installed and work the same as the original wheelchair version. This year we have added Dimensional GEL shower chair seat covers in 3 sizes though these come in our more traditional ‘black’ cover (see table below for sizes and codes). Our traditional GEL Products used on wheelchairs can also be used on shower chairs without voiding the 1 year warranty. When thinking about using them, the questions that is worth considering are: Are they made from polyurethane (water soluble if submerged) or silicone (completely insoluble in water). All of the Dimensional GEL products are made from silicone and are insoluble. Many other products we make are also made from silicone. They can all be used in a bath as well as a shower without voiding the warranty. The polyurethane products can also be used in a shower (without voiding the warranty), yet they should never be used in a bath where they will get submerged (this would void the warranty- category 3 above). The second question worthy of asking is: how quickly do you need the cover material to dry. Many of our products are made with a neoprene / nylon cover which take longer to dry than those made with some of our other cover materials. If you need to have quick drying covers, please ask us about ‘choice of cover materials’. Which brings us to our last category: Hardware products that are safe to use in a water environment. The key here is that there be nothing on the product that will rust and cause the product to no longer work properly. Clearly, none of our electronic products would work, yet our hip guides, laterals, adductors, elbow stops, head rest hardware, and forehead stabilizer can all be made to work in the shower. Please let us know when you order that you will be using them in the shower, and we will provide them with all they need to work well there – in warranty! If for some reason you use one that ‘rusts in any way’ at screws or somewhere else – tell us and we will get you what you need to make them work right in ‘your environment’. Why sleep like a Naturist AKA in the buff AKA nude? Fall asleep faster and deeper Decrease stress and stabilize your mood Increase self-esteem and confidence Prevent weight gain and boost metabolism Maintain healthy skin Support female reproductive health Protect male fertility Boost intimacy with your partner Afraid of having an emergency at home? Buy a nice robe and put it where it can always be found. Clamps What do you say to a good customer when they tell you they are unhappy with one of your products? We say, “Thank you.” We needed to take one of our famous Sta-Rite™ Products and re-engineer it so Sta-Rite™ didn’t mean HARD to get off. Some customers (more than one - I am afraid to say) who had trouble getting the quick release mechanism to hold every time with the effort they were able to give. It took us a year, and more than a half a dozen variations but it is done and now everyone is even happier. Same Great Product, Same Great Price, just a little bit easier to work with. So now our swing away removable adductors, elbow stops, and stump supports will come with a 65% improvement in how well they Sta-Rite™ where you put them when the same amount of force is used to put them on. So “better hold, easier removal, and same price”. What’s not to like? The entire Sta-Rite™ line of products Or use Search our website The Quick Release products: Now what ? Choices if you need a replacement clamp: Send an email to with invoice number, old P.O. number or client's name. Call Chris @ 302-494-9070 Have another one of our products with an "issue"? Call Chris @ 302-494-9070 When will I see you again? This has been challenging for all of us. Really, really looking forward to seeing you again soon. Also to help you, here are Picture Product Guides. And, as always, our Products come with all the tools, hardware, and instructions to make them easy to install. Let us know what your client needs. We’ll even drop ship it to them if desired. And we'll help them to a successful outcome. They'll even get a number to call for any help they need. It’s one more way we hope to help. Enjoy the summer and All the Best. As always, Chris is hoping to hear from you. 302-494-9070 PS: We've created 3 short videos you may like. They range from 53 secs to 70 secs: VIDEO: Finally, LOOK Forward from your chair !! VIDEO: Magnetic self-engaging buckles so users can self release belts & harnesses. VIDEO: Full Clearance Hardware that swings away 210º to get behind the back and out of the way now includes Laterals, Thoracic & Elbow Stops. Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab 888-435-6828 Chris Barnum 302-494-9070