GelO News December 2013

EXTRAORDINARY or Ordinary ??
There's something to be said for seeing the familiar through fresh eyes. I just got back from exhibiting (and speaking) at the European Seating Symposium Dublin- Ireland. For many attendees, it was their first exposure to the Gel Ovations product line. Of particular interest to many was the GEL Split Calf Panel. If you're a long time user, you will remember that the original calf panel was a single piece, and it meant that it had to be removed each time you wanted to swing away or remove the leg rest. It didn't take long for you to let me know that I had a "good concept - less than great design" But with your input, changes were made. The current version has a 3rd strap on each side to keep it from becoming a wide heel loop, and multiple sections of gel to stop gravity from dragging the gel down. By adding easy to use clips in the center of the calf panel, half of the calf panel now stays attached to each legrest when they are swung away or removed during transfer. After the client returns to the chair, pop the clips together and the calf panel is back in the position originally set, along with the comfort and protection you want. Gel Calf Support with strap 16" - 20" GHS Gel Calf Support with strap 10" - 16 GHSP Gel Calf Support with strap 20" - 24" GHSB Gel Calf Support with strap 24" - 28" GHSBX Split Gel Calf Support w strap 16" - 20" GHS2 Split Gel Calf Support w strap 10" - 16 GHSP2 Split Gel Calf Support w strap 20" - 24" GHSB2 Split Gel Calf Support w strap 24" - 28" GHSBX2 It never fails to give me a kick to see our products and identify the changes and improvements that have happened because you cared enough to share your thoughts with us. Thank you. Chris Dr. Chris Barnum THE BLAME GAME Even though the behavior isn"t all that unusual, it"s good to remember that it often works against our getting to the root of and solving problems. When we have a client who continually abuses the equipment that's been prescribed, it is easy to assign blame. What is much harder is trying to find solutions that work. When an insurer won"t authorize the funds that are so obviously needed, it's easy to rail at the system. But that's not going to help the client or you. Blaming others relieves us from the responsibility of looking to see what part, if any, we play in the situation. It frees us from accountability, which is really not freedom at all. In it's worst form the blame game leads to the sad outcome of "blaming the victim". So what do you do? Try to stay focused on the situation at hand. Don't worry about assigning "emotional responsibility". In fact the more emotion you can get out of the equation, the better. If it helps, you can recall the words of Charlie Brown who once said: "Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask why me?" Then a voice answers, "Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up." Larger Diameter Leg Protective Wraps Change is a constant. Whether in life or medical manufacturing, things are going to evolve. PLPW Larger diameter PLPW When we introduced the GEL Leg Protector Wrap some 14 years ago, many of you embraced it as a perfect solution to pressure interface problems arising from wheelchair swing away footrests. With 9" of gel along the inside of the footrest, these easy to use Velcro on covers offered the comfort and protection you were looking for. In recent years, many manufacturers have come out with bigger, stronger footrests with larger diameter tubing. No need to worry. Gel Ovations now offers a new, larger gel wrap: the PLPW. Same thickness of GEL, same easy to use Velcro in place connection - just in a bigger diameter for bigger footrest tubing. Just what your clients need.