GelO News February 2016

Autonomous Seating for Dementia Clients You may or may not be familiar with our new Robo P.A.W.S - our game-changing programmable automatic weight shifting system that is available in LTC (Long Term Care) and Rehab configurations on a variety of platforms. (Lumex, Iris, Solara, Falcon MTC, etc.) At the request of a California therapist, we have just programmed one specifically for patients with dementia. Eager to avoid the "startle" effect of a moving chair that might lead to increased agitation, this program moves in small increments balanced with compensatory pauses. I wanted to call it CPR (continuous pressure relief) because this system is also a "life saver" for care givers in reducing both work load and the physical demands associated with proper pressure management in this group of clients. But alas, my marketing people have said "No" and so I move on. You get better patient care and digital documentation of weight shifting for your record keeping. If you have a client, or two, in mind who would benefit from all of the advantages of Robo P.A.W.S (with or without dementia) give us a call so we can set up an in-service and a demonstration. Inspired by the legendary and almost indestructible workhorse of manual tilt chairs in times past - the Labac(TM) Manual Tilt - updated for modern times, and with an awesome and proprietary combination of power tilt, sensors, and a brain to allow "weight shift without anyone having to remember to do it!" Pretty much all the rehab seating options you want in a system that makes performing proscribed weight shifts on a schedule something you can believe in ! You'll also want to check out the updated raised toilet seat, new gel (including our new additions for shower chairs), and new hardware. Can't make it, yet want to learn more about the revolution? Contact me to arrange a way to bring you up to speed on this revolutionary new rehab product and more. Chris 302-494-9070 Now That IS State of the Art ! The Naked Truth Sometimes it's fun to make an argument just for the sake of it. So let's have some fun. Here are the top reasons why it's really good for you to sleep naked. This is of course, totally non-scientific. (Or at least mostly non-scientific) Feel free to write an opposing piece and send it to us, if you like. If we like, we'll print it and give you full credit. 1. It is easier. One pair of pajamas (for staying at your relatives) is all you'll need. Reduce your sleep attire expenditures and your washing. Sure you'll have to wash your sheets more often, but be honest; how often are you washing them now? 2. It keeps you "ready". By keeping real clothes on, until bedtime, you avoid the whole "I'm already in pajamas" thing which turns out to be an oft used excuse for why you can't do something, like taking in a late movie when a friend calls. 3. Be free. No constricting garments to hamper movement. It's like taking off your shoes when you get home, but over your whole body, not just your feet. 4. You're ready. You're next to your loved one. You turn over and suddenly, without planning two bodies are touching each other. Need I say more. 5. You'll sleep better. Even if the above activity didn't result in physical activity which will relax and gently fatigue you, many people report having a better night's sleep in the absence of restrictive night attire. 6. Helps you regulate your cortisol. (sort of science) Cortisol is a very strange chemical in the body and when the body gets too hot, cortisol production goes up. This can affect your metabolism and inhibit weight loss. 7. Balances your melatonin and growth hormone. (yeah this is kind of sciency too!) Keeping your sleeping environment below 70 degrees (F) every night can help your body regulate its melatonin and growth hormone levels. Sleeping in clothing can result in your body heating up which interferes with these hormones and you may grow old faster (or maybe just older-looking, but who wants that?) 8. Keeping it healthy down there. For men, cooler keeps sperm healthier and for women cool may help reduce yeast infections since yeast grows better in warmer and moist environments. So there you have it. Eight good reasons for sleeping naked; one for every finger on both hands. And yes, I'm not counting thumbs as fingers, but I'll save that article for another time.