GelO News July 2018

NO Need for Panic ! We HAD to do something for you. We knew you were missing Ottoboch and needed a reliable source who would have troughs in stock and be there for you. German quality troughs are now available thru Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab. These are German-made polyurethane troughs with a selections of parts: Look... there's more 360° swivel turntable available for flexible positioning PUTMH ATH hardware provides extra flexibility in positioning an arm. It allows side to side and/or up and down positioning so clinicians can mirror the arm’s position. Also, edematous hands and fingers can be elevated. It works with the GAT Arm Trough and any of the Gel Ovations track systems including Modular Track and LaBac compatible systems - including the Track Mount Series (TMS), GEL Track Series (GT), the Waterfall Track Series (GWT) and others. Then, ADD the Comfort of GEL 3 sizes of GEL liners for German-made troughs: OTLS 10" pair OTLM 13" pair OTLL 19" pair Want true GEL Arm trough? GAT GEL Arm Trough. This GEL arm trough has a high back that serves as a an elbow stop. The ATH multi-axis attaching hardware and a GEL hand pad work with the GAT. ===== And, we're not done YET. Next GEL option is the easily configurable modular system. If you can think it, you can build it: Modular Arm Trough system Need help with modular configuration? Contact Chris: 302-494-9070 or email him ‌ JOIN us at the Veterans Golden Age Games TRY Loopwheels on YOUR chair at The EXPO SAT. August 4 8 AM - 2 PM Albuquerque, NM Loopwheels™ As the exclusive US Distributor, we are very proud of these patented, carbon fiber composite - leaf spring - shock absorbing - suspensions systems for manual wheelchairs. When we saw these at Rehacare we knew they needed to be available in the US - and now we bring them to you. Sorry, we do not distribute these to Canada. Not only do they LOOK COOL, they reduce vibration by 2/3 and reduce the effort needed to self- propel on uneven surfaces. The drop off curbs is cushioned by 50%. All this gives a smooth ride, ADDS comfort, and saves the body from absorbing all those unwanted vibrations. 25" Loopwheels 24" Loopwheels Loopwheels NOW Available in USA WHY Loopwheels ? NOW Available in USA Thanks to all who came to our booth to try Loopwheels and see our other products !!! Need a product we don’t already make? Call me directly and let’s discuss it. Chris 302-494-9070