GelO News May 2014

A Call to Arms
What could be simpler than choosing an arm pad for your client's chair? Check the width, check the length... presto, you're done'? Sometimes you need to go a little farther. The client has pressure issues - he needs GEL. Sometimes the client leans against the inner aspect of the arm rest - she needs a waterfall protective surface. When we started 15 years ago, you had your choice of 3.5" x 12" with 2 rows of 4 "t"-nuts. It might not have been what your client really needed, yet it was all we had 'off the shelf'. Today's increased choices means the right arm pad (new or replacement) requires a little more thought. The variation just based on length and width - with lengths between 8" and 16", and widths from 2" to 5" offers quite a number of choices. The right length is a blend of arm length, size and client behavior. Lots of choices: the G Series (our traditional "t"-nut GEL Arm Pads), Waterfall, LaBac style GEL arm pads, Permobil Arm pad covers, and Universal Fit Track Mount (TMS) before mentioning troughs, trough liners and modular solutions. Are you replacing an existing pad? It's not always a matter of a newer duplicate. You need to ask "has the client's status changed since this chair was first ordered?" A gain of 50 pounds or a progression of an illness may require a fresh look. And don't forget to think of the part of the arm rest you don't see? Will 'drilling a hole to make it fit' be a problem? When you modify any product, you need to remember that you may be voiding the warranty. Are you possibly altering the function or the safety? There are times when you have no choice in this area, but using our protective track pads that offer universal fit: TMS, GT, or GWT can minimize how often you have to make that call. Don't forget to consider the plastic guard. Does it cause any issues? If only on the inside is a concern, GWT. If more than just the inside is a concern, use the GT. Do you need elbow, side arm, or hand support? We can help there as well. Choosing the right arm rest doesn't have to be a problem. Just start with Gel Ovations. Between your clinical judgment and our many variations, the right choice is just a phone call away. Now That is State of the Art 2014
You ASKED for it -- Picture Guides The Gel Ovations Picture Guide An intentionally different view of our Products. Gel Ovations(TM) Picture Guide When designing a CREATIVE solution, seeing the "parts" may inspire you. April spotlight: Sta-Rite (TM) Guide: clamps, brackets, & items that work with our main products. Need help with a creative solution? Just email or call Chris at 302-494-9070
HOT Flicks The Power of Community ARMED with one of these - AND in under 3 minutes, individual EMT Volunteers saved 40,000 lives last year. Why should I care? Our American heritage is threatened as much by our own indifference as it is by the most unscrupulous office or by the most powerful foreign threat. The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter. Dwight D. Eisenhower As a manager, you may think that you need to find people with the right knowledge, with the right skills, to do the job that you need them to do, in the manner you need them to do it. And you do. But more importantly you need to find people with the right attitude and then you need to make sure that everything about the work environment (or at least the things you can control) stays as positive and supportive as possible. Why? Because your employees attitude about the work, about the clients, about the company (or hospital) they represent will pretty much determine whether or not you will be successful. And the news from the work world is not all that good. The research firm of Gang & Gang, found that more than half of the 1,100 North American workers they surveyed had "negative" emotions about their work, while nearly a third had "intensely negative" emotions about their work. So what can YOU do about this? Choose wisely. When you're interviewing look for clues about attitude. How do prospective employees describe handling difficult situations in the past? How do they feel about life in general? If someone in a probationary period "just can't deal with things" until a second cup of coffee in the morning, this nay not be a good fit. Listen well. Learn to go beyond just accurate listening. Try to understand what the subtext or meta messages are when you talk to employees. Ask more questions and make sure you're getting to core issues and not just dealing with the superficial. Reinforce the positive. There is a reason that advertising works. The deliberate creation and reinforcement of the attitudes you want can spread to those with a need to improve. Reward those on the team who exemplify the behaviors you like. And don't ignore "bad" attitude when you see it. Stop it in its tracks and let everyone know it's not acceptable. Start with you. Attitude, like chocolate syrup on your ice cream Sundae flows from the top down. Be very aware of the signals you are sending, knowingly or not, to others. The team will take its lead from you, so be the leader you want them to have. As a manager, what you do will impact the performance and profitability of your organization. The Ambucycle
We're "nuts" about our Universal TMS Track TMS Track - simplifying custom installations: Try just the Track or "arm pads" with the TMS Track:
Short TMS Track - fits 210, 212, 310 & 312 arm pads STMST Long TMS Track - fits 214, 314 & 316 arm pads LTMST 3.5" x 10" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 310TMS 3.5" x 12" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 312TMS 3.5" x 14" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 314TMS 3.5" x 16" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 316TMS 2" x 10" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 210TMS 2" x 12" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 212TMS 2" x 14" GEL Pad - Universal Fit - Track Mount System 214TMS All items listed above come with "t" nuts and screws - ready for installation. WARNING: Do not eat "t"-nuts; also pls keep them away from children. If we can make something easier for you - give us a call. We'll be happy to see what we can do.