There is virtually nothing in the market like our NEW  Sta-Rite™ Adjustable Forehead Stabilizer.

It fits virtually any Headrest Hardware. 

Finally, ALL your clients can LOOK Forward

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The Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self engaging buckles for belts and harnesses that allow users to self release thereby staying on the right side of the anti-restraint requirements while providing safety, stability & support.

Sizing Guide

The The Sta-Rite™ Infintely Adjustable Lateral now swings away 210º to get behind the back and out of the way. The ability to move a “swing away” lateral support to 180º was a big improvement over earlier products that only swung away 90º

Lateral Selection Guide

The The Sta-Rite™ The new Thoracic Stabilizer provides upper body support and is great for some Duchene’s clients because they can lift & swing out of the way when they don’t need upper body support. This is another support without restraint.

Our Hip Guides create a set of hardware that should meet almost any need. Choose our Regular series, our Economy series (strength and function at an affordable price) or our Bariatric versions for those with extreme needs: weight or tone.

How to Pick Hip Guides